Sapien Experience

A collection of character designs for Sapien Experience, based out of Australia. These were used in a leadership development presentation with accompanying text provided by Sapien.


Vector illustrations used to advertise for CLiC, a service provided by LicenseLogix.

Earth Break

Game playing pieces for Hunt A Killer’s sci-fi tabletop mystery game, Earth Break. Printed on double-sided acrylic with stand-up bases.

Newcastle Network Comics

Ongoing comic project for The Newcastle Network, to work across Instagram and other social media networks to raise brand awareness. Part of the project included team profiles.

Fanart Commissions

Sometimes clients are invested in a particular media franchise. Collected here are personal commissions of their favorite pop culture characters and places.

Superhero Commissions

Multiple personal clients have asked for personal portraits for themselves or for gifts, but to have the portrait styled like that of a superhero. A small collection of work done in this vein.

Personal Commissions

A collection of client commissions of their personal characters (or cars!), often to accompany writing or other creative pursuits.


A series of illustrations for a tabletop campaign client. The world of Ethalea can be dangerous, twisted, and yet beautiful all at the same time. Planned for future publication.

D&D Commissions

A variety of commissions for clients of their Dungeons & Dragons characters. They range from standard classes and races to homebrew additions for the popular tabletop game.