Book Covers

Book cover illustration and layout/design for select clients.


Commissions for VTubers of their avatars as channel and marketing assets.

Crave-N-Rave Snacks

A set of three illustrations for a new snack line, including a cowboy pickle, dragon twins, and pirate orca. Bag designs by Darlington Snacks.


Illustrations for a personal comic project about formula racing drivers.

Prudential Singapore

Sample illustrations from a project done within the Prudential Singapore brand guidelines to support an interactive eLearning experience.

Homer’s Odyssey

Samples of interior illustrations for children’s chapter books, “Homer’s Odyssey: Part I: The Journey Home” and “Homer’s Odyssey: Part II: Rescuing Bertha” by P. N. Garlick.

Sapien Experience

A collection of character designs for Sapien Experience, based out of Australia. These were used in a leadership development presentation with accompanying text provided by Sapien.

Shin Megami Tensei

Personal fanart for a game series. SMT is dark and brooding, and an absolute favorite.

Inked Collection

A selection of images done as part of an October inking challenge to do a new inked piece daily.