Prudential Singapore

Sample illustrations from a project done within the Prudential Singapore brand guidelines to support an interactive eLearning experience.

Private Comic Commission

Sample sections from a 42-page comic commission for a private client. Script was provided. All other work, including character design, lettering, and print layout, handled by E.Hanby. As the characters include the likenesses of real people, only anonymized samples are provided.

Black Peak

Selected pages from Black Peak, webcomic and published comic. Sold through three editions. A sci-fi psychological thriller about isolation and obsession.

Newcastle Network Comics

Ongoing comic project for The Newcastle Network, to work across Instagram and other social media networks to raise brand awareness. Part of the project included team profiles.


Selected pages from Whitewater, webcomic and future published project. An adventure sci-fi comic about three friends dealing with the loss in their lives.

Other Comics

Selected pages from other short personal comics, including Night Calls and Cursed.

Palo Alto Networks Comics

Sample pages from multiple sets of comics done for Palo Alto Networks, as part of an eLearning initiative.