Sapien Experience

A collection of character designs for Sapien Experience, based out of Australia. These were used in a leadership development presentation with accompanying text provided by Sapien.

Shin Megami Tensei

Personal fanart for a game series. SMT is dark and brooding, and an absolute favorite.

Signs & Lettering

A tiny selection of the many signs and lettering designed over the years. These in particular include carved HDU, vinyl, acrylic, aluminum, magnetic vinyl, and canvas. Designed to meet town codes, and all engineered personally for each business.


Vector illustrations used to advertise for CLiC, a service provided by LicenseLogix.

Inked Collection

A selection of images done as part of an October inking challenge to do a new inked piece daily.

Lenco Tile

Collected sample works for Lenco Tile, including website, digital ads, and flyers.

Printed Media

A collection of printed media designs for various clients, including postcards, posters, flyers, rack cards, brochures, and business cards. Some of these can also be found amongst their respective projects.

Earth Break

Game playing pieces for Hunt A Killer’s sci-fi tabletop mystery game, Earth Break. Printed on double-sided acrylic with stand-up bases.


Selected personal images of original character Cid, from Whitewater.

Terry Bogard

Sometimes you simply like one character a lot. Terry Bogard of Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, and now Smash Bros fame.