Sometimes you just want a fun, high-contrast, neon image of your favorite. So here’s Pryce.

The Chariot Reversed

More on my rope theme for Pryce. Always holding yourself back.

Axe Fink

I have always liked the Ed Roth style so I went ahead and made a piece for myself that mimics it.

Crown on a Dingo King

I always liked the symbolism of this lyric so I went ahead and made it a reality.



On my birthday I always allow myself to go as extra or not as I want on a new Pryce piece so here we are. He’s grown up a little. “I lived bitch” goes the mantra.

Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Forest

I’ve always wanted to do a piece with the head blacked out, and so I finally did.

Bottled Up

Bottled Up

I like visual metaphors a lot, and I like Pryce a lot, and I like bottles a lot, so here we are with a trifecta.