Sketch Examples

Thanks for thinking of commissioning me. Fill out some details below and I'll get back to you to discuss further details if there is a slot available. I will not draw porn or extreme fetishes. Aesthetically pleasing gore and erotica is ok. I reserve the right to deny any request for any reason. When completed, you will receive a lossless digital copy of the commission that you may use for personal non-profit use only. Commercial use and resale is prohibited. I reserve the right to use commissioned images for my personal websites and portfolio if I so choose.

If you are looking for an illustration commission to be used in a commercial business, please email me directly to discuss a custom quote. This form is for personal use quotes only.

Commissions equal to or under $55 must be paid in full in advance. Commissions over that amount will be paid half in advance and half on receipt. Commissions above the sketch tier will receive a sketch for approval before moving on in production. All payments are final. Payments are accepted through Paypal only. Please note commission prices are a minimum amount and extra detail or backgrounds may add to the cost as determined by the artist.

Feel free to reference any style I have used in the past if you want me to use it for your commission.

Commission Pricing


  • Waist-Up: $30
    Additional Character $12 per
  • Full-body: $45
    Additional Character $20 per
  • Includes one accent color

Inked Lineart

  • Waist-up $55
    Additional Character $25 per
  • Full-body $75Additional Character $35 per
  • Choose either heavy inks or flat color

Full Color

  • Waist-up $85
    Additional Character $40 per
  • Full-body $115Additional Character $55 per
If you would like something in-between or are otherwise unsure, please choose "other" and explain. I will contact you to work out a custom price.

What tier would you like? *
How many characters? *
There is an additional charge for more than one character. Please reference the pricing listed above.