Drowning (Soft)

A theme I revisit with Kygan at least once a year.

Wrong Way

Sometimes everything feels upside down and inside out.

Angel of Power

I will never get tired of drawing Cid in AUs that imply he is a perfect or heavenly being.

“I can’t see you any more”

When you have a hankering for spoilerific late-comic things without the payoff of getting there yet, so you draw it as a metaphor instead.

Demon King

Sometimes you need a little AU in your life.

Stay Hydrated

Terry wants you to stay hydrated. I’ve recently been reintroduced to how much I enjoy King of Fighters, so it was only natural to finally make a fanart for it.


The robot forays continue. I had fun with lighting and trying out a new work device on this one.


I was roped in by a friend and came out the other side with a dapperbot of my very own. Fresh forays into robot design.


The new Pokemon game has two of my new favorite designs in it. I couldn’t help but draw them in a grungy punk rock style.