Edmond Dantes

A F/GO commission for a client of Edmond Dantes. They sent over a classic piece by Mead Schaeffer of the literary Edmond Dantes as the inspiration, and had me take off from there. Really a fun piece.

eLearning Comic

5 selected pages from a 20 page eLearning comic for an IT client. Client provided script which I typeset. Project also included a vertical reformatting for ease of reading on mobile devices.

The Burrow

This private client specifically wanted a hand-sketched pencil look for this rendition of The Burrow from Harry Potter.

Djeff Jugulator

A commission of a half-orc cleric for a tabletop player who is into heavy metal. How many references can you spot?

Echedir, the Gemblossom

More illustrations for a tabletop campaign. Echedir is a master of clockwork artificer-type magic.

Arranis, the Slayer-Hound

Full page illustration for upcoming tabletop campaign book. A horrible werewolf demon, warped by chaos and unleashed upon the battlefield. Can you defeat him?

Lay’dyur, The Wanderer

A supernatural demi-deity walks amongst you, continuing on his merry way. Another commission for a client’s custom tabletop campaign setting.


An art trade I did with a friend of his OC, Vulkan.

Heimlyn, the Majordomo

A companion piece to The Wild King, Heimlyn is the majordomo who attends to the kingdom’s needs. For a client’s custom tabletop setting.